How does Fundd differ from Quora?
in fundd platform on 13.02.2012 23:49

Apart from being able to give monetary rewards through flattrs for good questions and answers how does fundd differ from Quora?

And do you think the integration of Flattr is enough or what else do you plan to create to make fundd deviate enough from Quora to attract people here?


Nice question. In my opinion, micropayment is made for things like Q&A. If you have a reward for the time you're investing in answers, you'll likely write better answers. That said, I answered about 1 or 2 questions on Quora to try out the system, but didn't care for it anymore later. Quora tries to reward you through some kind of reputation, like Stackexchange does, but I believe for regular human beings reputation on some internet platform is worth nothing. And to get experts from different areas to answer specialized questions, money is the best incentive.

I don't think the integration of Flattr "is enough", but I think when some more regular features from other Q&A sites have arrived and if the platform is somehow internationalized (which in my opinion is *the* biggest thing missing from Q&A sites right now), then it might get traction.

Something that would also be necessary would be some kind of Flattr-registration on this site, as people can only take part with a Flattr-account - and a lot of people won't understand that you'll have to register at an external site to take part here.