Which reflex camera is enough for beginners?
in Photo on 13.02.2012 23:13

Photography is maybe the best way to save important moments, to express feelings or to express yourself. In Wikipedia "Photography" is defined as an "art, science and practice of creating durable images".

I really like photography, doesn't matter if the photographer is me or someone else. Even the feeling of being someone else while watching his/ her photograph is a good feeling - for me!

So I decided to buy a reflex camera to create my own durable images of different moments in my life...

I need help to decide which camera to buy, but don't forget - I'm a newbie :-)


Assuming you want to go beyond the point-and-shoot then only two rules:

1. Get a camera that allows you to play with aperture and shutter speed.

2. Get a camera that you would carry with you 99% of the time. That’s probably even more important rule.

The brand of the camera - not important. Megapixels - not important. How long zoom lens it has - if it has a "normal" lens then you’re already good.

Just get one, shoot as much as you can, look at the pics of photographers you admire, try to figure out how they do the pics, join a local camera club or workshop, get to know your camera and shoot, shoot, shoot.