Will fundd will go the tech route?
in fundd platform on 13.02.2012 13:58

Most platforms like Quora get very tech-driven, because most people on this platform first found it via early adopters. PInterest for example stands out as a platform where the first people weren't tech nerds. Tech stuff like web / developement is certainly better asked on Stackexchange, therefore I see a big interest in something like a platform for non-tech questions. When I see the categories, they seem influenced by techy stuff, assumedly because the makers are techies (of course). My question is: In which direction of content is fundd going to go?

I like the idea a lot (and have advocated for it here: ), but in fact I'd more like to see the niche of "everyday questions" filled. Another good niche I would love to Flattr people for is the "buy decision"-category, as I can save money here if I decide for the best products, even if I'm not the specialist in this area.


As always the direction is set by a) the early adopters; b) who the founder(s) bring on board ie. what’s the profile of their social circle that starts to use the service; c) if service takes off then the core user group, the 1-10% hard core users who are motivated to put in time and effort to ask and answer questions.

So building a tech platform is the first phase, now it’s community building. From what I’m seeing it almost feels that in its very first version fundd doesn’t need any additional features. What it needs is user growth and that comes via high quality content - good questions and answers.


Thank you for your question :-)
I'm using StackExchange, because I love to help people by answering questions and maybe sometimes I need help, too. Fundd shouldn't be the next TechQuestion Platform :)

Maybe fundd will be influenced by tech, but not completely "get very tech-driven". I hope for better browsing and discovering things not only about tech with my next big module.

Thank you for your interest in fundd and your opinion. I like that and I will think about the "buy decision" category - maybe I'll find a way integrate it with flattr (fund directly by voting up is one of my ideas).



Yes, but community building has to be led into a certain direction. Right now, the audience for this platform is Flattr users, who follow the development of Flattr closely. All of those see a better platform in the StackExchange platform, therefore this community has to be expanded towards all Flattr users and there has to be the possibility to create a Flattr account from here.

I believe this platform has a great potential, but it's a very long way to go.



Agree, I’ve forced myself not to put more questions about Flattr here as I don’t want it to become too Flattr-centric but rather let Ahmet find his own audience.

Quora started as Silicon Valley-startup-enterpreneur-centric site as this is what the site authors knew, they’re friends came from those circles but then gradually grew and expanded into more areas. It makes no sense trying to force it in a particular direction if site creators and early adopters don’t know that area or people there. More important to get any kind of high quality, intriguing, thought provoking, controversial questions BUT also make sure these get equally good answers. To the point of reaching out to people who might know the answer, get them on board to answer just that one thing.

PS. Ahmet, some sort of "reply to this msg" feature would be nice so the @Akku in the beginning becomes a link to what I’m replying to. Especially as answers move around as they are up- or down-voted.


@teller Indeed, just looked here by chance, some sort of notification would be useful. And yes, by saying that I know this is a feature that's not implemented in a second :-(