Why are retrophotograhy apps (ie. Instagram) so popular?
in Photo on 13.02.2012 13:05

As the cameras and mobile phones become better and better photography tools people have more and more turned to app that basically downgrade the image quality via retro filters (Instgram being the most popular mobile app for that).

What’s behind this trend?


In the days of chemical photography, snapshots of old family members were incredibly rare and precious and authentic. Digital photography makes clear, sharp, unchanging photos easy to make but their sheer quantity makes them disposable and ephemeral. By imitating the flaws in old photos, we try to make our images look timeless and permanent.


I like this question! I think people love the combination of true colors and high quality with some contrast.
Interesting would be the question if people would use retro cameras to have the same filter, naturally (: I don't think so.