Feature-Ideas for fundd platform. Discovering and Funding Things.
in fundd platform on 12.02.2012 19:22

Hello Community,
We've founded and developed #fundd. The new social discovering and sharing platform, based on flattr.

We have some ideas, which will change the way you fund "Things" on web. We will talk about on our Twitter-Profile @funddiscover. Follow us to keep informed!

Now, let's talk about your ideas! What dou you wanna be able to do on #fundd? Good ideas will be developed and funded with "Flattr" ;)

Thank you!


I would love to see
1.) ...links in questions and answers
2.) ...a category tree / list that is less static and more combobox-findable. Something like category watching would be find then, but only if there were enough categories or course. Could be either realized as a flat list of tags like on Stackoverflow (easy) or more complex with relationships between the categories (super- and subcategories, related categories, etc.)
3.) ... you going on with this, love the idea!


What about
- following other fundd users to be informed via email and/or rss and/or a feed list or "timeline" on my dashboard about new questions and new answers from them?
- social network integration to post updates about new questions or answers I've written on fundd to twitter, diaspora, facebook and others?


* Not easy to grasp which questions are new since my last visit.
* Not easy to grasp which questions have new answers since my last visit.
* "+ Question" doesn’t pop out enough, you want to make that much more prominent as your single biggest challenge right now is generating more questions.
* I’m not sold on the idea that one answer can be the "solution" to the question. Most of the time it isn’t, it’s just the highest quality answer but that comes out via up-voting anyway.


Some features for next week:
- Search for Content & Discoverers
- Edit & Delete Content
- Manage Settings

and other great features, you'll see next week ;)


- comments on questions and answers
- answered questions on profile

Thank you - ideas written down :-)
3) Sure, me2! Don't forget - we're on open-alpha #1. I have some cool ideas to grow up fundd ;)

- more informations @funddiscover


Browsing questions and then clicking "sign in to Flattr" makes you lose the question and go back to homepage.

*Hiding or "dimming down" answered questions to put focus on unanswered ones

*Making more international -> Change to .org or .com

*Funding of Fundd: Flattr button on top, regular updates about changes and sneak-peeks on changes would attract a lot of clicks once critical mass is reached. Need to make a certain very clear section for "news" from Fundd team to make this effective. Together with affiliate program it should hopefully be enough.