BYKA Group and fundd
in Everything on 18.05.2013 00:47

Anyone with fundd want to work on setting up a local BYKA Group?

We are helping many groups in Africa, Nepal, India, etc but we are seeing the need in EU, UK, USA etc to provide the same level of support.

The advantage is that not only are we very green, have amazing technology but we also create stuff that people can use and thus we are replacing donations with purchases that help groups keep going.

Just some of the projects that help the following types of groups (Down Syndrom, youth crime, anti rape, food, education, health, disabled, peace, internet journalism, music, art, theater, film).
1. Advanced food system that grows large amounts of organic produce - can handle lots of organic waste as well - low energy.
2. Best Encoding system in the world to help provide education to remote villages and help artists and directors get their works recognized - no pausing - able to project onto large screens with super high quality - bringing film to small towns or for festivals.

We have a big event happening in LA, Ghana in Oct 2013 - also events with JazzforPeace ... Hope you can get involved - start a location and benefit. We are combining talents so that more people benefit from one project.

Check out.!one-city-one-wheelchair/cghc
And listen to the latest band we are helping at: