Categories based on User Profiles?
in fundd platform on 18.06.2012 11:04

I think one of the main problems for Fundd is that people are not sure what they can ask here. I guess for this some kind of category-system is needed. The users could state what categories they know most about, and these categories could somewhere show the number of registered and knowledgeable users for it.

After a question is asked, it could be decided which category it belongs to. If there's one category I stated I know much about, the question could be highlighted for me, or I could even get a notification (email) that there's a new question posted that I could answer.

Therefore I think the category system should be filled with the categories that the users enter in their profiles and their questions (if they don't pick already existing categories).

Is this reasonable? When will we have a category system, and notifications? Is there a better way to do this?


Hey @Akku,
Thank you for your activity on fundd, thank you for your interesting improvement support.
I think you're right, too. The Cat. system ist not the best at this time, thats why it was changed a little bit for the next version which I'm trying to finish now. I am against an open category system, because categories are for me not groups which users can change, but therefore there is a tagging system on most platforms. How I said before I am developing another Idea based on categories, so every user has more ways to select categories or a kind of categories for their posts.
But with most used categories I you are absolutely right. There are 3-4 categories for each user, which are interesting or most used, like interests for each user.
Email notifications is not implemented right now for the next version, this is a bit more complicated and has some difficulties. But generally notifications is included, really nice ;)

I am really happy to see you and our community doing things on fundd, asking questions and supporting me. You know, thats why I am right working to create a better fundd. A better Question Platform and I am sure, it will be something cool.