Buying Facebook Shares in Germany via Internet?
in Web on 15.05.2012 12:42

I'm asking this because my web searches don't really help me and I hope there's someone with experience in such things.

I would like to know how I can buy Facebook shares in Germany, once they're free to buy. Especially, I would like to be able to buy (&later sell) them myself, on the Internet, without having to go to my bank and wasting time.

Through which platforms / websites can I do this? How much money do I loose due to costs and the german tax on winnings (if the Facebook shares get more expensive and I really make some money)?


Thanks for this unbelievably st*pid response. Here we clearly miss the feature to delete answers.

I heard the "Deutsche Bank" will trade Facebook shares in germany, but I cannot find how to buy them. I also found that you can buy shares with and; I also saw a page on about Facebook options; but I especially asked for experiences in buying with an online platform and which costs are involved.


Search from some stock sites .