How can we help with fundd?
in fundd platform on 12.05.2012 15:29

I don't see much progress with fundd, even if I know that behind the scenes you (Ahme) have worked a lot to improve things. As far as tweeting goes, I promoted this page as far as I could.

But as most interested in this site seems to be techies, maybe you have work that you could delegate to us. Or make parts of fundd or everything open source? Or just ask for help?

Is there aynthing we outside people can do to help you with your project?


Thank you @Akku,
There is a lot of progress behind the scenes. I'm still waiting for the right time with the right version to start. It was not that easy to improve fundd, so it should be used in the newer version. Talking with some friends about to see what I can do before I'll really launch. I know that you helped fundd, me a lot with fundings and your ideas, tweets - so just keep waiting a little time and see what happens. Not even 1 month left :)

I really love open source and I know how important it is to commit things to other techies. But I'm not thinking about make fundd open source (everything). Parts and modules could be. Not now.

The real help I need is Marketing. I need connections to bloggers, twitterers, testers, who maybe wanna write about the next version. The real fundd.

Thank you Akku, I'm really impressed how important fundd is for you as for me, too! Thank you for your support!