What is your favourite web browser?
in Web on 20.04.2012 12:38

Let me know what web browser you're currently using and discuss how you found out about it and your reasons for using it.


Chrome, obviously. Earlier I used Firefox onward from Version 2, and it has locked me in long time because of the nice Addons, but when Chrome got supported by the Addon-makers because of it's raw speed (like most important Ad-Block), it became the de-facto best Browser.

It's all about speed. The SPDY protocol is just one example how Google is pushing Chrome to be the fastest thing in the Web.

Only users who not compare or who are locked in with specific addons would not use Chrome in my opinion.


Opera. Beacuse I'm a dinosaur (been on the net since the late 90's) and I like large full of features desktop applications. OOTB it has a load of features that other browsers require numerous plugins to have. Opera also supports by it's flexible gui my favorite 'workflow' with a bookmark pane on the left, which got dropped by other browsers.

And it is faster than everything else, including Chrome (an objective fact, not marketing).

Earlier I was using Mozilla Suite and SeaMonkey (don't like Firefox cause it's too idiot-proof), which have a similar gui, but with the web2.0 boom the memory leaks in the gecko engine were unbearable, so I was looking to switch to something else. Being a KDE use I wanted something that was written in Qt. I tried Konkqueror, but it didn't work out too good, and at that time Opera was also written in Qt, so I tried it and it was perfect.


Obviously Chrome because, as a young Internet developer I became adapted quickly with Web apps and to use all features in the cloud, if you're old and used computers since 90s go for Opera but if you're young you should enjoy Chrome features .


In recent months Google Chrome has become my browser of choice, initially because I already use many of Google's products but now because of easy syncronization of my Laptop Computer Chrome account with any other Chrome account,


I enjoy Chrome. However, recently I have been thininking twice about wether it is worth the trouble. Since it supoosedly tracks your e-mails I am having my doubts.


It was Chrome, but it sucks more and more everyday. So I use Firefox again.