Flattring every web page with browser plugin?
in Flattr on 20.04.2012 12:10

So far Flattr has stayed away from building a system where it’s possible to flattr absolutely everything, doesn’t matter if the content owner has joined Flattr or not.

Technically it would be fairly easy to build a browser plugin that you can use to flattr any web page. The hard part is connecting flattr to page owner as in often cases it is either unknown or reaching the page owner requires manual approach (looking for contact details, figuring out content author, getting in touch) and thus doesn’t scale well.

At the same time this limitation might be holding back a wide spread adoption.

What are your thoughts, should we go down that route and add possibility to flattr absolutely anything but in a lot of cases that money not reaching the real author of the content?


I've wondered this a few times and I think this is a real up-take problem for Flattr.

As a user, I'd love to be able to flattr any web content knowing that I'm benefitting the creation of content on the web. However, as a user, I'm also curious to find out where my money goes should the content creator not claim their money.

As a content creator, I'd like to ensure that I'm getting the money that I'm being sent and that it's not falling into the hands of the wrong person. The methods of verifying that I own said content have to be solid.

Should the system be implemented whereby you can flattr any bit of content, then I'd personally be happy if one of the following happened with unclaimed donations:

1) Flattr holds onto the donations for a certain amount of time, maybe 6 months, after which the unclaimed donations are given to a charity of choice. Users could select their preferred charity in their user preferences and the donations from that user will be sent to their chosen charities Flattr account. Those that don't specifiy a charity will default to whatever Flattr's chosen charity is that month.

2) The unclaimed funds are credited to the donatee's user account after 6 months period so they can then flattr new content.

I'm not sure these are perfect solutions by any means, but just suggestions to get the ball rolling.


My proposed solution for this would be fairly easily doable (sorry I left the ambassador-list, but it was too much noise for me):

- The plugin in the current state shows only a flattr symbol for flattrable sites.
- The new version would have to show the number of Flattrs received as the G+ extension for Chrome does.
- When the site is not claimed, the plugin would show up in another (warning) color. It's not claimed (in the same way that Twitter Flattrs can be unclaimed by the Twitter accounts user), every Flattr user would see it. The information of the site's owner would thereby be crowdsourced, as people liking the stuff on the page would tell the owner.
- To claim the page, you could make the owner insert some kind of HTML comment into the source code or something like this. For Wordpress this could be easily includeable into the Flattr plugin.


No, as sometimes there is pages that are archive and probably never have author back, so it will only lower the earnings for current users .