What about extending the donation and payment system on flattr?
in Flattr on 21.03.2012 21:24

Today I wanna flattr some things but do not have enough money on flattr and on PayPal. My monthly earnings are not 10€ so I can't pay out to PayPal to import back to flattr.

What about sharing directly your earnings on flattr? That would be a good way to have (nearly) ever money to flattr interesting things. So maybe users, who do not need 2 € funding can donate this to other users :)

I didn't find a way to do this. Is that possible?


Flattring without funds is pretty pointless as you should give to show your appreciation.

But I think what you're asking for is already there. You can login to flattr and in there "Add funds" and use lots of systems to reload your flattr account - and also use money you got from people flattring you - which is what you're asking for if I understand right. It's hard to find if you never click on "add funds" of course ;-)


Ah yeah - Thank you did not see the opportunity to select Flattr as resource ;)


Can you Flattr me please as I never got it to just see what it looks like .