How do you loose points by voting down?
in fundd platform on 21.03.2012 20:15

As written in the HELP section : "you can also lose some points (...) if you vote down any question/ answer." What does that mean?


Hey Bogoris, thank you for joining fundd!

It's easy to vote up and down a question or answer. But what I learned from other Q&A Sites: Always there are users, who do vote down questions, because they didn't like the answer or did answer the same. Its not easy to do something against, but my solution is:

Every user should think twice by voting down. When you vote down a question or answer, you will also lose some points but therefore you can earn by answering the question right. It would not be fair to let others lose their points by only clicking "vote down".

This is really the first version of our point system. The fundd-release I am working (now) on has a lot of improvements. Then you accepted answers and top questions will be counted as well :)

So keep connected, follow us @funddiscover or visit fundd several times :) Next week we plan to have a redesign and a new release.



Cool. Looking forward to see how this practically work in terms of number of points lost/earned. Thanks !