Newsletter-systems and platform integration using an API
in Product on 12.03.2012 00:01

Newsletters are good ways to keep followers informed, even if they aren't on twitter, facebook or any other social platform.

I'm searching for good newsletter platforms with an API to connect with other products. Open-Source or free to use would be fine, but optional.

Any recommendations?


On the 5by5 podcasts I always hear about MailChimp, who have a certain free limit where the service doesn't have any costs (until say 10000 newsletter subscribers or so). The integration should be pretty simple, just make sure you can access the email adresses yourself (or collect them too), just in case you want to use another system or implement your own later on.


MailChimp (Flattr uses that) and Campaign Monitor are often the first 2 that are mentioned. They are powerful, reliable and easy to use. SendGrid is another one I’ve heard good things about.


Two answers, both times MailChimp. So I've to read about. I've heared about a lot but did not know really something about.
Cool, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor both have an API!

@Akku to get 10000 subscribers is not that easy, and if, then I could pay :)

Another difficulty are Newsletter Designs, that did work with nearly all Clients.