What next?
in fundd platform on 07.03.2012 10:44

The fundd website seems to be stagnating over the last week or so - is there going to be some "marketing" push or something to get more people here? Otherwise this project seems to be dieing.


If you follow you'll recognize that there is a steady activity. Aside from what people think about Question and Answer platforms, they're actually a lot of work to do. The developer of fundd (as far as I know) stands alone and is developing fundd in his free time - but the project is not dying.

I believe that it's a beta 1.0 version that still needs a lot of improvement. I would also love to see people putting money into fundd or having external sources help the developer with the coding - maybe also open sourcing the platform would be a nice idea. But I think we shouldn't expect stellar growth from fundd for the next few weeks / month, as a lot of features that are important for such a platform are still missing (look around the other questions to see what I mean).


Thank you @Akku for answering the question!

Like @Akku has written, @funddiscover is our Twitter-Profile with news, images, previews and some cool information about fundd. We/ I am working on fundd - myself. How I said before, I am a student and developing is my passion. fundd is one of my projects and I love the idea! Some cool inspirations, ideas, concepts and the interested community is why I am developing on fundd. There is a future in my opinion for fundd - I only need a little bit more time for developing the second version (follow @funddiscover, keep informed).

At this time I am designing, developing, coding, changing, fixing or even testing the platform local, on myself. It's not easy to find designers or graphic designers who will help me, at this time for free, because I am not earning money of fundd, too.

The next steps would be publishing open-alpha #2, finding some ways to earn money, "marketing", find partners, graphic & UI-Designers :)

The next step has a lot of improvements, that's why I am waiting with writing a press article about fundd. Only if fundd is ready for marketing, than I should use "marketing" to find community members.