Füllung des Kopfes nach Amputation / Filling of the Head after Amputation
in Education on 26.02.2012 20:16

Mit was wird das verbleibende Loch im Kopfinneren eines Menschen bei der Amputation einer Gehirnhälfte gefüllt?

What ist filled into the remaining whole in a human head, when one hemisphere is amputated?


Only reference I can find is that normally cerebrospinal fluid fills the space. However, the source is not verified and I’m not a doctor. But interesting question, was a surprise to me that this surgery works. More in Wikipedia:


Now I asked my sister, she answered something like that:
> It should be filled with "liquor", like @teller said: "liquor cerebrospinalis"


I'll ask my sister this weekend :) She's learning stuff like that.


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