What's the difference between all the blogging platforms?
in Web on 25.02.2012 10:58

fundd will have a blog. There are so many cool blogging platforms/ systems like WordPress, tumblr or posterous, so my question is:

(If you are a blogger) Which blogging platform are you using and why are you using this system?
Whats your opinion on WordPress, Tumblr and posterous?
Is there another popular blogging platform you like?
What should we (fundd) use? Why?

I know that every blogging system has a difference, so I wouldn't say that one of them is the best.


I love WordPress, because I'm also a WP plugin & theme developer. Besides it has a big community with a lot of plugins and themes. In my opinion WordPress is the most used blogging system.


I am a blogger and I own a Blogger and a Tumblr account. I also use WordPress but just as a writer on I have never used Posterous, so don't about it.

As per my experience I would suggest you to use WordPress since it is rich with lots of themes and plugins. And it can also be downloaded and can be setup on our own server. It is more customizable.

Tumblr is also good one if you are going to start a personal blog. That is my opinion. Many others are uses Tumblr for official blogs and websites like, etc.. Tumblr has great UI and it is fun to use. It can be integrated very easly with other social sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and Google Analytics, and many more.

Both WordPress and Tumblr has great stuffs, a nice rich text editor and more.

At last about Blogger. I would say, it is for newbie bloggers. Still it is also being used by many for their official blogs and websites, like

Well, now its your which one to use from these. Don't forget to checkout any other blogging platform or CMSs. May be you (fundd) can create your own blogging platform.

Happy Blogging.. :)


There isn't nearly any difference cause a blog is really a simple medium - it's just fragments of html with a timestamp sorted with newest on top + comments for each post. The largest differences will be in the admin panel of the blog engine, but that is up to you to decide which one you like the most.

Just take/use whichever has all the needed features and integrates the best with existing infrastructure (things like authentication, content storage, ability to use the same theme).