Fundd + Bleepl?
in fundd platform on 22.02.2012 19:39

I like Fundd and would love to see you hook up with Bleepl and make something truly new in the social Q & A space. Bleepl is missing Flattr integration and Fundd is lacking twitter, so I see lots of potential for both approaches. Does this collaboration seem interesting?


Do you mean There is no open API at this time.
Maybe I've to write a mail to their owners :) Would be interesting to see what their API allows me to do.

The Idea is good! I'm planing to integrate social networks like Twitter to get a better Q&A - site. Maybe something "truly" new :) I'm working on it!

Thanks for your feedback!


We are working now on the connection to Twitter and got some feature mails with similar ideas. We've some cool ideas!