Money in Fundd
in fundd platform on 19.02.2012 11:34

I think fundd needs more features and more marketing to become something big. Therefore, this is actually two questions:

1.) Do the developers have time (== money) to put into fundd or is this a pure project funded by nothing more than the few flattrs this has received (I've already subscribed)?

2.) Do you (fundd makers) plan to pitch this to VCs to collect venture capital? Or take money from elsewhere (for example


Hello @Akku :)
You are absolutely right. We need money for such a few things like servers, design and maybe graphics or marketing, too. I want fundd to be something big, therefore I am developing ideas on it...

1) As a web-developer I am working on a big party community in germany. Fundd is one of my own projects - I love the idea of fundd. I am a student, I need some help, too. Now fundd is not really big, it's a new product founded by me, designed & developed by myself. This year I am writing my Abitur, then I wanna study informatics. The money I am earning is one way funding "fundd".

2) At this time there is only one fundd team-member - me, even if I'm talking as "we", I'm on my own :) In my opinion, pitching this to VC is not possible, because it's difficult to talk about the idea of fundd and I am a student, not really with a big-team, even not with a team.
Maybe VC would be possible if the #2 Version of fundd is ready to start.

Kickstarter is a cool site! Maybe this is going to be something like that: - but I don't really know how to start in collecting funds for "fundd" :)

Thank you for your question. That's what I'm thinking about.


It is not really hard to ask for Seed funding if you have a working product and an business plan to make money using it, considering Flattr or Donate is not gain source, you could only use Kickstarter if you're in US country and have an Amazon payments account working, but if you could do so you'll generate an incredible amount of funds from good users, finally I hope you succeed .