Why is Pinterest growing so fast? What's the secret?
in Social Media on 15.02.2012 22:33

I like Pinterest. It's a cool developed and designed WebApp, which focuses on letting users pin interesting things. If you visit the main page, you'll see some images about.. nearly everything.

Pinterest has grown up very fast in such a short amount of time. Now more than 10 Million users are registered on Pinterest - my question is: What's the secret behind growing so fast?

Nice infographic about Pinterest:


Ah, my wife is a Pinterest addict and I’ve been using it now for a few months (tried Svpply before that) so that’s the background.

They have gotten a few things right:

- Super visual and nice experience - sort of easy if everything revolves around great looking photos.
- Easy tool turning oneself into a matter expert - again, the fact that it’s photos and you seldom have to create original content (although you can do that by posting something on your blog or Flickr) reduces the friction 10x versus text-based content.
- When you sign up you have empty boards set up which immediately sends you a signal that you have to do something, fill it up.
- Thanks to repinning and liking your good content easily goes viral within Pinteret bringing you new followers thus making you more of an "expert" in whatever you’re focusing on. Shortly = vanity works.
- Good control level in what to follow so I can like your pins in "cars" category, but not your "cooking". Content curation done right and I can easily follow never-ending stream of content that is relevant for me.
- Nice mobile experience, perfect for coffee break browsing. I think overall Pinterest is like a giant interactive coffee table book.

They have a horrible signup process to balance things out :)


As I mentioned in other answers about what Fundd needs, I think it's the fact that it has grown without the tech-people setting all the topics to be development and tech-related. People who want to share their interest there see that usual people use PInterest, not only "geeks and nerds" who talk about stuff that noone understands.

Oh, and it has nice pictures :-)